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European Demonstration for Freedom and Democracy

Wann: Sat, 29.05.2021, 15:00 - 23:59
Wo: Brussels, To be announced


On May 29, at 3 pm several European countries will unite in Brussels for the biggest European Demonstration for Freedom and democracy! 🤜🤛

Save the date, invite your friends, share the link, and spread the word! Together we will make this the largest event ever!


Become a member of our movement for free and be among the first to receive new information about this event. United we stand!

For too long, our governments have been taking unlawful and disproportional measures that restrict our freedom. With the excuse of a worldwide pandemic, they propose law after law without any regards to human rights or constitutions. This is bringing all European countries on the brink of dictatorship. The worst disease we imported from China was not the virus, but totalitarianism.

Enough is enough. Europeans are making a stand and uniting against tyranny by protesting peacefully on 29 May in Brussels. You can find a list of participating countries on this website.


Do you want to be a member of the biggest European movement for freedom and democracy ever? Join EuropeansUnited.eu. You can be part of history, and make this effort last. Not only for yourself, but also for your children and future generations.

Details: see Link!

Dies ist eine angemeldete Veranstaltung
Internetseite: https://www.europeansunited.eu/
Beteiligte Initiativen und Aktivisten:   Europeans United

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